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The interiors of our vehicles are crafted with great attention to detail using high-quality materials

We utilize furniture finished with natural veneers, stainless steel or multi-layer painted aluminium components, countertops made of composite stone, and upholstery made from high quality fabrics.

Our extensive experience enables us to offer a fully functional sanitary unit within the limited space of our G-camper unit which measures 2×3m. This includes a heated shower and a chemical toilet to ensure unmatched comfort and convenience compared to similar size vehicles.


In addition, we were able to fit a dedicated kitchen area, complete with a multifunctional countertop, a refrigerator, and a comfortable living space that effortlessly converts into a spacious double bedroom at night.

To support your water needs, there is a huge freshwater tank with a capacity ranging from 50 to 100 liters, as well as a gray water tank with a capacity of 20-40 liters. For optimal thermal comfort, we have designed an integrated central heating unit that provides heating for both water and air. This reliable heating system is manufactured by 'Truma'

We have been manufacturing custom off-road vehicle for over 20 years

Our specialty is custom conversions based on Mercedes-Benz G class W461 series, including the 270, 280. and 300 CDI models, specifically on the long-frame variant measuring 3400 mm.

Our off-road campers are made from layered composite material with a thickness ranging from 50 to 70 mm, ensuring thermal comfort within a temperature range of -35 to +45 degrees Celsius.

Each of our builds is tailored to customer specification, offering unparalleled capability, comfort, craftsman-ship, and convenience compared to typical recreational vehicles.


San Francisco, CA

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